Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painting"Enchanting Web" by Contemporary Realism Artist Carol A. McIntyre

"Enchanting Web" began as an inspiration from the feeling of a wave and surfing 'down the pike' while being greeted by the serenity of the placid sea. The web idea ~ or net ~ added more intrique to the image the more I painted. My goal is to pull you into the painting ~ to make you stop and dream/think/feel. But the original 'box' felt too confining and I had to integrate the shapes all the way to the edges of the painting. 
After all, who wants to stay within a box while out dreaming or surfing life? The colors were chosen to enhance the feeling of fantasy because these colors are not frequently found in nature.

My “Windows into Your Imagination” series will be featured in the new Silver Street Fine Art Gallery opening Sat., June 25th in beautiful Lake City, CO, which is an old silver mining town. Gallery is open seasonally from June 25-September 24th. All featured paintings will be available for sale.

36"x48"x1.5" Oil on Canvas/Available

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