Monday, November 30, 2015

Contemporary Realism Landscape Painting " A Silent Tack" by Contemporary Realism Artist Carol A. McIntyre

Double jaw surgery in late 2010, inspired a new body of work I entitled, "Celebrating Air." Though air is weightless, it is vital to our mind, body and spirit as conveyed in this painting. And who knows where this new quantity of air will lead me?
Where does "A Silent Tack" take you? Does it conjure up a memory or any other thoughts? What does the key mean to you? Here is what my friend Jim wrote: "Bubbles burst... eventually. Take advantage of the moment when one drifts by. It may be much harder to locate those keys after the bubble bursts."

This painting is gallery wrapped, which means it does not need to be framed and is ready to hang.

 36"x18"x2" Oil on CanvasAvailable

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